Where do we start? Where do we begin?

gI always knew that beginnings are always the happiest. But then maybe, some of them are the hardest endings. Well in my part, this beginning is in the middle of the happiest and the ending. I am nowhere. I am lost, completely clueless. My start is not the beginning nor the ending but the journey to finding my self in between and beneath.

If you would ask me why, I will answer you with the question why not? Take a risk. Take a shot. Fail, and make mistakes. That is where we’ll all learn and build ourself, ones that are though enough to face the world we are scared of. The world full of lies and untrue. We build the better version of ourself, all because we take the risk, we take the shot.

So where do we really start? Where do we begin? Where in the middle of the lost self and the other half. Or maybe life just happened, and still happening.


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