Rest now, Lolo.

This last two weeks of my life has been a very though one, not just because class starts tomorrow but because my grandfather is in the hospital and in critical condition. He’s in mild stroke when he was admitted and complications stared to comes with it too.

I visited him last Monday to check how’s he doing and to see if what we can help in the hospital. So when I went there, he was awake but he couldn’t open his eyes wide so he remains his eyes closed. But he was responsive, he was actually moving and moving from time to time which makes the IV injection to move too. The nurse keeps telling my lolo to stay still because it was his third injection.

By lunch, the doctor came in the suite with the NGT that he will insert in my lolo’s nose so he could eat. By that time, my lolo can’t eat through mouth because it may cause the food to be stucked in the lungs that to go to the stomach. So as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. My lolo wasn’t responsive, he keeps telling that he doesn’t want the tube and he wanted to eat the food through his mouth. So he wasn’t responsive, and it breaks my Dad’s heart watching him in that moment.

After my visit last Monday, my Aunt Perly called my Dad on a Friday night saying my lolo is not in good shape anymore. He wants my Dad to go there because they think he can’t make it anymore. So first thing in the morning, my Dad was in Quezon after that before the noon strikes my grandfather is gone. He texted us sending the news.

I guess, he’s in the better place now. With his wife, the kid he lost before and with the God our creator. Rest now, Lolo. Rest in peace. You will always be in our hearts. I love you, always and forever. ❤️


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