It’s not about when’s the right time, it’s about who’s the right person.

For someone who’s new to love or was hurt and been through rough times in the aspect of love, it will always be hard for us to trust again. To invest in new people, new feelings and new beginnings. Because we know for a fact than every beginnings leads to an ending. No matter how hard we try to be optimistic about being able to trust or to even love again, the scar from the past or the fear to start again comes with endless what ifs.

So when we try so hard to ignore the possibilities of the new people coming to try their lives with us, we would always say that it’s not yet the right time. That we are not yet ready, that maybe it’s not yet the right time for you or for this moment. But then I realized, that it’s not the right time that we are scared or not ready for. It’s the the fear of giving the person the chance to waste our time we want to spend on the right person. It just takes the right person for us to be ready. The right time will never come if it’s not the right person who’s coming. And you will never know who is the right one if you keep blocking every chance of the right person coming in your life.

So don’t be afraid of every new and endings of life has to offer. We are here to enjoy every happiness and hardship life may bring. We just gotta handle it right and go with the flow.


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